UAB Update


Last week I got my official acceptance letter from UAB – – – EXCITING! I’ve known I was accepted for awhile but to get it on the UAB Letterhead really made it real for me. Now I have all kinds of other things to start doing. I’m going down for a week in March and I’m thinking about scheduling a campus tour or something to do one day so I kind of have an idea of the campus layout and things like that. I got an email from UAB with all of the steps that I have to do next in it. There are lots of things left to go still but there fairly easy and I don’t have to worry about Housing or meal plans or anything like that so that will take out some of the hassle of things I have to apply for. My focus right now is going to be on scholarships that I might be able to get being an out of state student. Hopefully I can get something and it will help out a bit, anything helps. I’ll let you all know more as I find out.


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  1. congratulations…can’t wait to get all the updates. glad you can get started at your grandparents but i think it would be a good experience to get your own first place.

    • Thanks. I’m just starting out slow, since I still have to find a job and all that having my own place would be kind of difficult at the time. Heather has said too that having my own place would be an awesome experience and I agree. With my move though I’ll be taking a pay cut, and since I can’t really afford to have my place now. Who knows what it would be like if I moved. Right now I’m just taking the jump but once I get settled with stuff that could be a possibility 🙂

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