When it rains, it pours.


Usually a phrase used to describe negativity, but this time I’m using it for the opposite reason. 

I had a phone interview Monday morning that went well, will be going for my in-person interview on Thursday at 3 pm. 

Then was contacted yesterday for a sit down interview with another company! That will happen next Tuesday at 10 am. These interviews will make for my (if you count the phone interview as #4) 5th and 6th of the summer, and hopefully a job offer will arise from either. 

I’m so thankful to start seeing fruits of my tireless job hunting labor, and for God blessing me with the lesson in patience to “just wait and see what I have in store for you”. His timing, not mine or my ideas of what it should be, is perfect. 

Maybe he just knew I needed a relatively calm summer. Just wish that summer had included more sun, I still look like I just stepped out in April and am wearing shorts for the first time. 

On another note, I love the promise of starting a real career somewhere but will be sad when(if) the time comes to leave my lil pizza slice of coworker heaven. I love those people, and have grown so attached to many in the short 8 (almost 9) months, I’ve been there. 

Hoping you have a “happier-than-a-camel-on-humpday” Wednesday! 

PS Thanks for reading my musings. :)



I think what will keep me most on track with frequent posts is doing it as soon as something pops into my head. No matter how short or long my thoughts may be. It will get me back in this writing habit. 

I called about setting up an interview today and applied to 2 more positions! Sometimes I just want to hire a helicopter to drop hundreds of copies of my resume from the air and see if anything would come of it. But alas… I’ll just do it one email at a time. 

Sales Rep


Am I one? Could I be one? Those of you that know me.. what do you think?

These questions are currently running through my mind based on a phone call I received yesterday. 

Apparently a pharmaceutical sales company had my resume, (I’m not quite sure how they have it but I do have a thought as to how it might have gotten there.) and called me yesterday because they are hiring. I have zero experience with sales but who I spoke with said I would receive 2-weeks of in-depth training so that wouldn’t matter. 

I’m going to call back today and see about setting up an interview. After talking with Zach, we thought since this job opportunity found me it would be something worth looking into. I’m going to learn more about it and maybe I will find something else I could excel at. I had never served before my current job, and I really love it and think I do a great job. It came to me pretty easily so hopefully to an interview I will soon go. 



Has it really been a year since I last wrote a post?

Close enough.

I wrote the previous post sitting on the futon in our one bedroom apartment looking out our deck doors at the highway that ran alongside the apartment complex. I’m writing this one sitting at my grandparents’ old table with a newly refinished top in the kitchen of our 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath house nestled in a lovely, little quiet neighborhood.

May 11th, 2013 came and went, and I’m now a college graduate with a pretty degree in a green folder. (Most expensive piece of paper, ever.)

I’m job hunting now and I’m learning that there are worse things than being ‘almost’ done with college. I had senioritis something awful this spring and now I understand why some people stay in school for years. Right now, I’ve thought to myself I would go back as long as I could do it for free. Job hunting is just not fun, there is an unknown element to it that makes it much more stressful and frustrating than I could’ve imagined. I trust that God has something great planned for me but the lesson in patience is a hard one.  I’ve currently decided to let it go for a bit and just try to enjoy the time I have at home (I’ll work all my life, right?) but that’s easier said than done for a person with my personality.

I’ve opted for projects and reading to take over my time. I refinished the top of a table last week, and I have more odds and ends things that I found at my aunt and grandparents’ houses that will occupy my time. The only other thing I wish I knew more about is general shop techniques, my quarter of wood shop in 8th grade will only get me so far. Had I known Pinterest would come along and give me so many ideas. I probably would have taken wood shop every year of high school, but alas I didn’t.

In the evenings about 4 nights a week I’m a server at a local pizza place.  I’ve learned so many lessons as a server that could be a post in its self (it might be one day). For the most part I love it but there are a few things I’m not a big fan of. It’s mostly the fact that everyone’s schedule is the opposite of mine, when they are working during the day, I’m not and when they’re off and want to do things, I’m at work. It’s kind of terrible if you want to have a social life but my coworkers are pretty awesome people so I manage.

Back. At. It.


I need to get back into this. It’s quite the release and there is so much going on in my life right now that I would love to share about :)

To catch you up to speed:

I finished summer semester with all 3 A’s and 1 B.

I interviewed for two internships, and was selected for one at UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

I am the PR intern for the Event Manager/Board Liaison and I LOVE it !

I started my last year (2 semesters) of college in August.

I am enrolled in 16 hours this semester. 2 once a week, night classes. 1 twice a week, afternoon class. My internship (counts as 3 hours) and I’m there Monday – Thursday.  Then I have a work out class 3 days a week in the mornings.

Last week I completed my application for degree. Here I come, May 11th 2013!

I have already started thinking about designing a cool announcement for myself and what we’ll do after the ceremony to celebrate.

I am starting to love my morning workouts, and will be excited when I can fit something like them into everyday of my schedule. Getting fit! :D

Zach and I are fantastic and loving, living our little married life.

Now for some pictures:


Sign outside my office.


 Milk Carton Kids. The Lumineers. Old Crow Medicine Show. Show 9/23/12


Holding baby Justin at 1 day old was so special. This is our friend’s little boy.


First Alabama game was a success! And we had great seats.



 Bring ‘em out!


Yes. I am from Missouri. No. That does not make me a Mizzou fan. I will forever be against the decision to let them into the SEC.

(BTW, their SEC record right now is proving my point that they didn’t know what they got themselves into.)


FroYo treat from Yogurt Mountain. Cake batter flavor with sprinkles, gummi bears, strawberries and whipped cream.


A breakfast wrap from Purple Onion. Just looking at this makes me want one. Perfect breakfast yumminess.

ImageWent to “Pull-A-Part” with Zach a few weekends ago looking for a power steering pump. This picture is all we took away from the car graveyard.

He ended up just buying a new one, oh and a new (to us) hard-top for the Jeep!

Social Media… 5 days later.


Our mock business has 77 likes! Pretty good for a business that is just a mock up. We are having a lot of fun working on the Facebook page. We are trying to keep up with posting on it regularly and posting engaging things. If you look underneath the pics of the posts, we’ve gotten enough likes that we can see how many people are seeing our posts. 

I’ve really been enjoying learning this side of Facebook. It is amazing all of the things that you are able to do with it. I’m excited to keep working on it and see more of the things that we can do with Facebook and the rest of our social media pages. 






Social Media Set Up


My group and I have been on the ball with setting up all of our social media and getting the ball rolling on our campaign. 

Here is our Facebook page. It was set up last night and we’ve already generated 14 likes. We added a disclaimer to our page, to let our friends know they were participating in our project and that our business is a mock one. Honesty is the best policy. :) Our goal is to reach at least 50 likes for our page so that we can unlock the statistics for the page and be able to show them during our presentation. 


Click here to like our Facebook page.

Another group member set up a blog for our business. 


And another group member set up our Twitter. Image

Click here to follow us on Twitter.

These are very new with small amounts of posts but we are excited to be working on presenting a coordinated effort of articles, posts, pictures, etc. through our social media outlets and learning how to maximize the use of each one.